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About The Film

YOLO Key Art
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Le Ying (played by Jia Ling) has been staying at home for many years, doing nothing in particular. After graduating from college and working for a while, Le Ying chooses to withdraw from society, closing herself off from social circles, which she believes is the best way to "reconcile" with herself. One day, after several twists of fate, she decides to live life in a different way. In cautiously venturing into the outside world, Le Ying meets boxing coach Hao Kun (played by Lei Jia Yin). Just when she thinks life is about to take a positive turn, the challenges that follow far exceed her imagination, and her vibrant life is just beginning...



Jia Ling
Lei Jiayin
Zhang Xiaofei
Sha Yi
Zhao Haiyan
Zhang Qi
Xu Juncong
Bu Yu
Zhu Tianfu
Liu Honglu


Directed by

Jia Ling

Production Company

New Classics Pictures
Big Bowl Entertainment

Guest Appearance

Yang Zi Li Xueqin Shen Chunyang Shen Tao

Special Performance

Ma Li Qiao Shan Wei Xiang