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Sony Affiliates

References to the Sony Corporation affiliates shall include all subsidiaries of Sony Corporation, including but not limited to:

Name of Company Country of Incorporation
Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation Japan
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation Japan
Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Japan
Sony Marketing Inc. Japan
Sony Mobile Communications Inc. Japan
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Japan
Sony Visual Products Inc. Japan
Sony Video & Sound Products Inc. Japan
Sony Financial Holdings Inc. Japan
Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Japan
Sony Bank Inc. Japan
Sony Americas Holdings, Inc. USA
Sony Corporation of America USA
Sony Electronics Inc. USA
Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC USA
Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC USA
Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. USA
Sony Music Entertainment USA
Sony Europe Limited U.K.
Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Ltd. U.K.
Sony Global Treasury Services Plc U.K.
Sony Overseas Holding B.V. Netherlands
Sony Mobile Communications AB Sweden
Sony Electronics Asia Pacifica Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Sony (China) Limited China